Winners of the 2013 Potato Lovers Month Giveaway

Potato Lovers Month Winners

Last Friday we said we were celebrating Potato Lovers Month by spreading the love through PotatOHs, and we really meant it! 

We had a lot of fun reading all of the reasons you love potatoes, how you like to cook them, your favorite types of potatoes, and much more! We are very thankful for all of your comments, and glad to see that so many of you truly love potatoes and enjoy eating them. We’re lucky to have fans who are true potato lovers!

Now the time has come to announce the winners! We picked 6 entries, and if you see your name and comment below, you’ve won!

Audrey: You stated all the reasons that potatoes are good and good for you, I can’t top that except to say my family loves all the ways I prepare them. From entrees to side dishes. Gnocchi, breads, the recipes are endless. It is, however, great to have them cooked (safely using your product) and ready to incorporate in to the recipe. And thanks for making it BPA free and recyclable. Making our world a cleaner, safer place for our children means a lot to me.

Sue: I love potatoes because they taste so good with salt pepper and butter. But they are not fattening so if someone wants to cut back on calories they are able to do so! I like them because they are filling so snacking later is not as desired. Potatoes rock!

Ann: Potatoes have always been a staple in our home. From when I was a young child, my favorite meals always included potatoes cooked in a variety of ways…either baked, mashed, and home fries. There are so many ways to cook them and we love them because they always had that feeling of fullness touch. There are always potatoes in our home, ready to cook!

Susan: What can be said about the humble tuber? It can literally solve world hunger! Never mind how much I love potatoes, as a Vegan of course they are a staple. It’s the bigger picture everyone is missing! With so many varieties and the sturdy longevity of this vegetable, well, entire villages could be well fed if potatoes were introduced into their diet. Protein, fiber, vitamins, as far as I’m concerned it is one of nature’s perfect foods. And they are so tasty!

Tracy: We really love potatoes here at our house! You can fix them so many ways. When I ask the kids what we should have for dinner usually they will all ask for some kind of potatoes!

Tonya: I grew up on potatoes, they are still my favorite today can make so many different ways. Especially the red and yellow ones are my favorite, but I love them all. I make all kinds of recipes with potatoes one healthy one is red potatoes,fresh garlic, bell green peppers, bell red peppers, or any vegetable you love with or without tofu cut up onion olive oil dash pepper and salt bake until done or use Mrs. Dash garlic seasoning.

Winners will be receiving a variety pack of Express Bake PotatOHs shipped right to their doorstep. Check your inbox — we’ll be contacting you to get your details so we can ship your prize ASAP!

Congratulations to the winners, thanks to everyone who participated, and keep an eye out for our next giveaway – you could win some of our delicious microwave potatoes!

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