Halloween Recipe: How to Make a Spooky Mashed Potato Spider Web

Halloween Potato Spider Web

Need a Halloween recipe that will encourage your kids to eat their veggies? This spooky bowl of mashed potatoes is just the thing.

Halloween recipes are usually all about the candy, but you can also make delicious healthy treats to celebrate this year. For this spooky spiderweb, a bowl of creamy mashed potatoes are your canvas, and you use shredded carrots, black olives, and dried rosemary to create the web and the spider.

You don’t have to make those delicate shredded carrots yourself. Check your grocery store’s produce section for a bag of already-shredded carrots. If you can’t find them, use a knife to julienne the carrots into the thinnest sticks that you can.

Halloween Recipe: Spooky Mashed Potato Spiderweb


  • 1 batch of buttermilk mashed potatoes
  • 1 bag shredded carrots, or at least 1/2 cup carrots very thinly sliced
  • 2 jumbo black olives
  • 8 pieces of dried rosemary


1. Heap your mashed potatoes into a large bowl, then use a spoon to smooth them down. With a clean dish towel, wipe any potato from the sides of the bowl, so you have a clean canvas to start:

Bowl of Mashed Potatoes

2. Use your carrots to build your web, like in the images below. Start by creating an X with your carrots, then add two more rows to create an asterisk. Finally, use the carrots to create a few circles connecting the lines of your web:

Carrot Spider Web

3. Make your spider. Slice about a 1/4″ piece off of the top of one of your olives, and slice the other olive in half lengthwise. One of the olive halves is going to be your spider body, and the small piece is its head. You can eat the other two pieces of olive. You deserve a snack after making that detailed web!

Sliced Olives

4. To give your spider its legs, very carefully press each piece of rosemary into the sides of the large half olive. Place the spider body and head on your web, and you’re all done!

7 Eerie Ideas for Spooky Halloween Potatoes

This week, we dug around the spookiest corners of cyberspace to bring you a handful of Halloween boo-tato recipes (Cue the evil laughter)!

With a just a little pre-plotting, this boonanza of paranormal potatoes is guaranteed to make All-Hallows-Eve an evil-ing to remember. But in truth, these tasty treasures would be to-die-for on any dark, gloomy night when there’s a full moon and an empty belly growling in the kitchen.

We had a frightfully good time hunting down all these fang-tastic creations. Our research revealed that the world is filled with creative potato makers. So heads off to all you clever devils out there!

Whether you’re a kid or a grownup, you’ll have a scary fun playing with your food on Halloween with these spooky potato creations.

Jack-o-Lantern Sweet Potatoes

1) Jack-O-Lantern Sweet Potato Fries

These super cool sweet potato fries look just like miniature pumpkins. It’s neat that you can “carve” each one to be as friendly or fierce at you like. We also love that this recipe is kid-friendly, meaning school-aged kids will love helping you “carve” them and everyone will love eating them. We can’t wait to try these.

Image Source: Babble

Wicked Witch Stuffed Potatoes

2) Wicked Witch Stuffed Potatoes

This recipe is great because, if you wanted, you could use PotatOHs to speed the meal along. Just do the first bake in the microwave according to the directions on the PotatOH package and the second in the oven. Don’t limit yourself to the design here, either. You can use anything edible you have on hand to make the mouth, nose and eyes. Have fun and be creative.

Image Source: Taste of Home

Potato Ghosts

3) Potato Ghosts

These are GREAT. And, like the article suggests, you can follow the recipe from the Gourmet website or you can just whip up a batch of your favorite mashers and let your creativity run wild. If you wanted to mix things up a bit, it would be easy to add some sweet potatoes to your recipe and make these into Jack-O-Lantern Boo-tatoes, too. Go for it!

Image Source: Gourmet

Beef Stew Potato Ghost

4) Beef Stew with Ghoulish Mashed Potatoes

Here’s another take on mashed potato ghosts. We love the green pea eyes on this one, as well as the idea of a slow cook beef stew on Halloween night. Not only is there likely to be a chill in the air, you’ve probably got places to go and doorbells to ring. Right?

Image Source: Taste of Home

Mummified Potatoes

5) Mummified Mashed Potatoes

What we like about this one is even the littlest ghoul in your house can get in on the fun, if you prep the features. Again, anything you have on hand is fair game. In addition to the list of optional decorations, we can see a wicked wig of shredded cheese. Yum.

Image Source: Fabulous Foods

Kitty Cat Potatoes

6) Kitty Cat Potatoes

So cute it’s scary, these would be dead easy to make any day of the week. And using PotatOHs here would be a snap. Let your creativity run wild. If you’d like to make them more gruesome, BBQ sauce would work well for little palettes; hot sauce or buffalo chicken sauce would be great, too.

Image Source: Serenity Now Blog

Shrunken Potato Heads

7) Shrunken Potato Heads

We don’t think you’re meant to eat these. And they look like they’d take some serious carving skills. But this might be our favorite looking project of the whole bunch. Forget shrunken apple heads. Grab a knife and go potato. These would be cool as decorations for a Halloween buffet table. And it’s neat that they might even last for a couple years. The author of this blog says they have some still in their Halloween box. Cool!

Image Source: Chez Larsson

If you possess a menacing, gruesome, ghastly or otherwise fun potato recipe, don’t be invisible. Give us a shriek and we’ll share the link.

Happy Halloween!