Go for Quick & Easy Chicken and Potato Recipes

Grilled Potato Kabobs

Chicken is an obvious choice for a busy-but-healthy weeknight.

It cooks quickly, it’s a healthier option than some other proteins because it’s low in fat, and, best of all, it’s endlessly versatile. In fact, the mild flavor makes it easy to pair with all kinds of herbs and spices, dips and dressings, marinades and more. So even if you eat chicken several times a week, you never have to make it the same way twice.

Well, PotatOHs are like that, too, you know.

They cook in under seven minutes, so they’re super fast.

Are they a healthier choice than some other “side” options? Absolutely. PotatOHs are a fresh vegetable full of vitamins and nutrients, unlike dry sides processed food. So, check there, too!

And, last but not least, PotatOHs are the perfect partner for all kinds of tastes. We’ve tried them with everything from Adobo (try topping your taters with salsa) to Zahtar (a North African spice blend — try it sprinkled over sweet PotatOHs) with great results.

Making a little chicken and PotatOH magic is simple. There’s no limit to what you could do, but here are three recipes to get you started.


Grilled Potato Kabobs Thumbnail

Potato Kabobs with Lemon Herb Drizzle

This is a good basic recipe for a quick grilled meal. Precook the PotatOHs in the microwave, grab some chicken or chicken sausage, add whatever herbs you have on hand, and finish them up on the grill for a delicious flame-cooked taste. When you’re all done, you have a feast perfect for any warm summer night.


Buffalo Chicken Potato Skins

A healthy take on bar food, this dish gives a nod to buffalo chicken wings without the extra fat and calories. Start with a foundation of nutritious potatoes and replace fried wings with shredded chicken breast. Top them off with fresh tomatoes and onions, and serve with a side of chopped celery.


PotatOH Apple Sausage Thumb

Sweet Potatoes Topped with Chicken Apple Sausage and Apples

This is a great recipe that’s ready in under 15 minutes. Wow! Combine Express Bake Sweet PotatOHs with chicken apple sausage, a granny smith apple, butter, and just a bit of salt and pepper. The result is a delicious and indulgent sweet potato dish you’ll never forget.