PotatOH and SavorSeal: The Best Way to Microwave Potatoes

SavorSeal and PotatOH Label Closeup

What makes a potato a PotatOH?

If you’ve ever picked up an Express Bake PotatOH in a store, you know that we use the highest quality potatoes, and they come double-washed for your convenience. Also, each PotatOH is wrapped in our SavorSeal™, a proprietary wrap we developed to lock in its flavor and nutrients.

But, we know that you may still have questions. That’s why we’re really excited to announce (drum roll please) that after a few weeks of hard work, we’ve just finished our new video about what makes PotatOHs better and different from other potato products.


A little back story

We’ve heard that sometimes, in a pinch, people microwave potatoes on a plate, in cloth bags, or use wet paper towels. We also know someone’s mom who “just uses plastic containers” and someone’s roommate who thinks a plastic zippy bag or plastic wrap “works just fine.”

Here’s the problem with that:

1)   You won’t get the same great taste and perfect texture as a PotatOH by using cloth bags or paper towels, or just microwaving a potato on a plate.
2)   Using plastic wraps and containers isn’t safe.


SavorSeal™: A real star

SavorSeal™ works by trapping in the PotatOH’s own moisture, so your spud steams while it’s cooking in the microwave. By the way – did you know that microwaving and steaming are the two best ways to retain the nutrients in food? Well, you do now! That makes your PotatOH soft all around, evenly cooked and ready to eat in just 4 to 7 minutes.

Also, unlike other wraps — which may leach harmful chemicals from the plastic — SavorSeal™ does not, and is BPA-free and certified safe by the FDA. In fact, it was created to protect foods while cooking in the microwave.

To learn more and to prove your mom, roommate or some other doubting Thomas wrong, check out our new video below. We’re very glad to have a great tool to help people understand what makes our products special. Hopefully, you’ll laugh, you’ll cry and then you’ll get really really hungry for a PotatOH.

Let us know what you think!


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