Our Team

Meet the hard-working and dedicated people behind the success of Farm Fresh Direct. These men and women keep our business running smoothly each and every day.

Our Executive Team

  • Jamey_Higham Jamey Higham


  • Alex_Miller Alex Miller


Our Management Team

  • Lee_Jackson Lee Jackson

    Operations Manager

  • Anthony_Trujillo Anthony Trujillo

    Quality Assurance Manager

  • Lonnie Gillespie

    Director of Organics

  • Matt Glowzcewski Matt Glowczewski

    Sales Manager

Our Sales Team

  • Todd_Mortensen Todd Mortensen

    Account Executive/Sales

  • Jere_Metz Jere Metz

    Account Executive/Sales

  • Nancy Meraz

    Account Executive/Sales

  • Seth Gillespie

    Account Executive/Sales

  • Cliff_Shaw Cliff Shaw

    Account Executive/Sales

  • Roger Christensen Roger Christensen

    Business Development

  • Veronica Trujillo

    Sales Assistant

  • Kim Crowther Kim Crowther

    Sales Assistant, Organics Program

  • Derek Banhagel

    Sales Assistant

Our Accounting Team

  • Racheal Werner Racheal Werner

    Corporate Controller

  • Mike Martinez

    A/R Clerk

  • Austin McDonald

    A/R Clerk

  • Paula_Martinez Paula Martinez

    A/P Clerk

  • Brenna Hunter

    A/P Clerk

  • Lori Williams Lori Williams

    Administrative Assistant

Our Quality Assurance Team

  • John Flores John Flores

    Quality Assurance

  • Brandon_Velasquez Brandon Velasquez

    Quality Assurance

  • Anthony Martinez Anthony Martinez

    Quality Assurance

  • Nick Chandler

    Quality Assurance