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From the humble russet to fingerlings and beyond, we are proud to grow a collection of potatoes to satisfy all of your personal tastes and cravings. Whether you’re looking for the perfect baked potato or want to make the very best mashed potatoes, we have something for you.

Also, with exciting and unique new varieties, you can now enjoy potatoes that feature flavors and textures from all around the world, and are grown right here on our farms in American soil.

The next time you’re shopping in your local grocery store, look for these delicious potatoes perfect for any breakfast, lunch or dinner.

  • Exciting New Potatoes

    Farm Fresh Direct is dedicated to bringing you the finest and most diverse varieties of potatoes. Our experts travel far and wide to discover the most unique potatoes the world has to offer in order to bring them to your kitchen table.

    Explore beyond the russet potato you’ve been eating most of your life in North America. How about a natural blush from Scotland? Or perhaps the delicious Dutch golden russet? We have exciting new potatoes that will keep your palate satisfied for a very long time.

    Exciting New Potatoes

  • Traditional Potatoes

    The farmers at Farm Fresh Direct are the best in the potato business. And as the best they have perfected the potatoes you have loved your whole life. Our traditional potatoes – russets, reds, yellows, fingerlings, sweet potatoes, purples and blues – are the most delectable on the market today.

    Pair a traditional russet with your favorite steak or make the fluffiest garlic mashed potatoes using our red potatoes. Whatever your favorite meal might be, we have the perfect potato for you.

    Traditional Potatoes