November Giveaway: Win Free PotatOHs for Thanksgiving Recipes!

Thanksgiving Giveaway

Fall is going so fast!

Last weekend, we heard our first Christmas song of the season. Wolf Creek, our amazing local ski resort, is scheduled to open today. Thanksgiving is NEXT WEEK! And best of all, because we are so thankful for our fans, we’re giving away FREE Express Bake PotatOHs! Yes!

This week, six lucky winners will receive a FREE variety pack of PotatOHs (2 russets, 2 sweet potatoes, and tray packs of fingerling, gold and ruby Jubileez) just for sharing some thoughts on potatoes and life.

Entering Is Simple!

To enter, just leave a comment on this post telling us (1) about a Thanksgiving potato dish that will be on your table and (2) one thing you’re thankful for this year. Also, make sure to include your email address in the form so we can contact you.

We love all of our fans, but we ship fresh potatoes and like to get them to your doorstep quick, so only potato lovers in the U.S. are eligible. Winners will be announced this Friday, November 16, so check our blog and Facebook page for updates!

We’ll Start Things Off:

We always have mashed potatoes AND potatoes au gratin because they’re both awesome and choosing one over the other just wouldn’t be right. And, we’re thankful to live in such a beautiful place and (fingers crossed) for all the snow we’ll be getting this year. It’s good for the soil and it’s GREAT for skiing. Happy Thanksgiving!

87 responses on “November Giveaway: Win Free PotatOHs for Thanksgiving Recipes!

  1. Marilyn Wall says:

    twice baked potato salad so so yummy

    • margarita acosta says:


    • melinda says:

      I serve roasted Italian Parmesan fingerlings as one of my side dishes . I also have the classic baked mashed potatoes with onions. both are excellent !

  2. Samantha Christensen says:

    I will be having mash potatoes this Thanksgiving made from scratch potatoes.
    I am so thankful for my children they are what makes my life complete!

  3. Marilyn Wall says:

    Thankful for family

  4. Beckey DeVore says:

    Sweet potato’s will be on my thanksgiving dinner table. I am thankful for my family, and my amazing Husband, that works hard and appreciates me.

  5. Deborah Peters says:

    I will be having clumpy dirty mash potatoes on my table and I am thankful for my healthy baby boy

  6. Tammy Savage says:

    Definitely made from scratch mashed potatoes and I am thankful for a loving, supportive family.

  7. Jackie says:

    Defiantly from scratch potatoes but LOVE the micro ones for quick week nite dinners!! I am so very THANKFUL for my Family but also my WONDERFUL FRIENDS!!

  8. Amy Bledsoe says:

    Potatoes Romanoff will be on our table this year. I love this dish as it can be eaten hot or cold. I am thankful for my son and my mom. Without them I have no clue where I would be in my life. They have been my rock during multiple health problems and surgeries….

  9. Valerie says:

    We are going to have cheesy potatoes and I’m thankful for my husband, my mom my boys and my job!

  10. Carolyn says:

    Mmm…. roasted red pepper hummus baked potatoes…. stop making me hungry – I am thankful that there will be football since I will be by myself.

    • Georgianna says:

      Can I have that recipe?

  11. Jamie Mabry says:

    We are having sweet potato souffle and sweet potato pie for Thanksgiving, along with mashed potatoes.
    I am so grateful for our family and the love we share. My husband just had surgery and came home today!!

  12. Caren Nichols says:

    We will be having au gratin and mashed, large family likes choices. I am grateful for family and friends and the love that is shared among these wonderful folks.

  13. Dee Cross says:

    I will be having potato salad and Garlic Smashed Potatoes. I am grateful for my family and their health.

  14. Stephanie Mccrary says:

    We will have glazed sweet potatoes, sweet potato pie, and the most popular dish, mashed potatoes from scratch. I am just so thankful to live in a country, where I can freely celebrate and give thanks. Thanks to our troops!

  15. Mary VanTil says:

    I love my twice baked pototoes and I’m very thankful for my little family! <3

  16. Rachel Weaver says:

    I love potatoes any way you can prepare them.I love mashed potatoes the most. I will be serving mashed potatoes for Thanksgiving.
    I am thankful for our country , America. I am also thankful for God’s love and protection.

  17. Carol Marek says:

    We will have sweet potatoes and the usual, but not boring mashed potatoes. My Mom is almost 93 and fell on Halloween and fractured her hip. She’s had surgery and will now be in a rehab center for a couple of months or so and the most favorite things they put on the menu that she ALWAYS chooses — potatoes!! One thing I am grateful for is that Mom is still with us. We are blessed that she didn’t crack her head open since she fell back on cobblestones.

  18. Kristin Lee says:

    One thing that will be at the table besides mashed potatoes is going to be scallop potatoes.

  19. christine Kwiatek says:

    we always have mashed potatoes with cheese and garlic. i am thankful for my wonderful husband. He takes good care of me since i am disabled he cooks, cleans, and shops for me

  20. Georgianna says:

    I will be surprising my family with some Pommes Anna. I learned how to make them in cooking school and I just love how the butter becomes this creamy taste you just can’t resist. This year I am stepping it up a notch, even throwing a Fried Turkey into the mix.

    • Georgianna says:

      Oh, and I am truely thankful for the my family that I have. My mother in law died in September and it rocked the family. Subsequently I now have three more children than I did before she passed away. In the beginning it was trying but I really love having my niece and nephews as an addition to my home. Yes it its hectic going from a 3 and 6 year old to a 3,3,5,6 and 10 year old, but the smiles, the hugs and kisses and the amazing dinners for 8 I pull off nightly are a blessing. Cooking is what I do and what brings our family together.

  21. Bella says:

    We roast our white and sweet potatoes in the pan with the turkey!!! Delicious!!! I am so grateful for my family because it has been a very difficult few years!!! And very thankful for Lily who just turned a year old!!!

  22. Bella Munari says:

    We roast our white and sweet potatoes in the pan with the turkey!!! Delicious!!! I am so grateful for my family because it has been a very difficult few years!!! And very thankful for Lily who just turned a year old!!!

  23. Angel Byrd says:

    We’ll have a sweet potato cassarole, sweet potato pie & potato salad. I’m so thankful for the good Lord above, my family & i’m thankful for the soldiers fighting for us

  24. Brian Mann says:

    will be having fresh made mashed potatoes and gravy and sweet potatoes. i’m thankful for my friends and family, and for my health the past month has been doing better.

  25. l. friedman says:

    We will have a sweet “PotatOH” with just some black pepper and a little buter or olive oil.

    We are grateful for this wonderful year, which included the 1st granddaughter’s arrival.

  26. Carmen M Luczak says:

    I plan to have a baked sweet potato topped with butter and brown sugar, with a marshmellow or two melted on top. Who needs anything else?

  27. Sharlotte says:

    we will be having smashed taters and sweet candied yams and i am thankfull for a GOD that loves me and my family for which are the center of my life!!!

  28. Shelia Lindsey says:

    We like to have sweet potato casserole. I like to make it with small changes each time, by adding something different each time, like roasting the pecans, adding coconut,orange juice,etc. This year I plan to have potatoes with parsley and butter.
    I’ve already cooked a turkey, so i am cooking a prime rib instead for Thanksgiving. Yummy! (Trying more new recipes.)

  29. Kaitlin Topp says:

    We will be having sweet potatoes and mashed potatoes both in various forms. We all like something different so we need to have choices! I’m thankful for all our troops are doing to keep us safe and the land of the free. Thanks guys! I’m also thankful to have such wonderful friends and family, and that Thanksgiving day is one of two days a year my workplace is closed.

  30. Kathleen K says:

    I will make hash brown potato casserole, and sweet potato casserole. LOVE potatoes! I am thankful that my son will be home from college for Christmas.

  31. Donna says:

    Our potato dishes for Thanksgiving will be mashed potatoes and candied yams (I live in the deep south where sweet potatoes are fresh and plentiful right now). These side dishes really add so much to the entire Thanksgiving meal! I am very thankful for my family, they mean so much to me! I am also thankful for a very inactive 2012 hurricane season. Seven years ago our home was flooded by Hurricane Rita and then five years ago we flooded again for Hurricane Ike. So uneventful hurricane seasons on the Louisiana gulf coast make me very, very happy! Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!

  32. We will be having both mashed potatoes and candied sweet potatoes!
    I am thankful for my health, my husband Wes and our wonderful children their families and for our friends. I am also thankful for our military serving overseas…we have a grand daughter and nephew in the US Air Force, 4 grandsons in the Army, and a son-in-law and another grand daughter in The National Guard .
    We are a truly blessed family!

  33. Paula Dardin says:

    Potato and parsnip mashed – with garlic of course!!!

  34. sandra spino says:

    potatoes are au gratin and i’m thankful i have the food to prepared a thanksgiving dinner

  35. sandra spino says:

    i will be having au gratin potatoes and i’m grateful that i have food to put on the table for thanksgiving

  36. Tara S. says:

    I’m going to be serving cheesy mashed potatoes & I’m thankful for my mom & that she’s still here.

  37. teresa harvey says:

    Mashed taters, love ’em with gravy! I’m very thankful for things in my past giving me broad shoulders for what I deal with today.

  38. Ryan Huang says:

    (1) pumpkin/pecan pie and (2) loving family 🙂

  39. Tammy Kahl says:

    Definitely the classic mashed potatoes and yams will be on my table for the holidays!

  40. christine brown says:

    i just love baked potatoes everyday so easy so good

  41. cindy cook says:

    we have been having potato salad and sweet potatoes.but this year we will be having my favorite mashed potatoes and baked sweet potatoes,i am thankful my brother made it out of the hospital he had 3 heart attacks and a stroke and he stayed in the hospital 6 weeks and 3 days the doctors said he was a miracle person because after being in there 3 nights they had gave up on him and called in the family and told us he would not make it through the night but thanks to prayers and the good lord he is here with us and after a check up tuesday he is doing good.and i am also thankful my husband’s surgery came out great and he is going to be ok.this has been a rough few months for i hope and pray every one has a blessed happy thanksgiving

  42. Leslie Dlugokecki says:

    Twice baked POTATOHES !! yum yum. I am grateful for my daughter being cancer free this thanksgiving.

  43. TXEdie says:

    Buttered mashed sweet potatoes with brown-sugar crumbs and pecans on top! Delicious!!!

  44. Nyasia Pippin says:

    I am a HUGE potato eater so I’m going to have potato salad and potato casserole for Thanksgiving! I’m so very thankful to be alive and well and for my family me friends!

  45. PEGGY C BOYD says:


  46. Carol says:

    My niece’s husband makes THE best mashed potatoes. He won’t tell me the recipe but I know there’s cheese in there and it’s not the smooth kind but chunky. It’s his special dish and he only makes it for holidays.

  47. Carol says:

    Ooooops. I forgot to tell what I’m thankful for — my family, of course.

  48. JAMIE says:

    i just love your potatoes, they are so yummy, i have my whole family eating them now and its great for someone who lives alone and doesnt have to buy a bunch of potaotes

  49. Andrea Koleilat says:

    I will prepare my mother’s mashed potato salad.
    I am thankful to recieve so much love & spiritual support my family and friends.

  50. Diane Mason says:

    I must have scalloped potatoes with onion,made in my mom’s old cast iron skillet. They’re even better if burned a little.
    I am thankful for the family I have left… brother, my daughter, her daughter, and my ex son-in-law

  51. John says:

    Potatoes, Potatoes, PotatOHSs, I like potatoes! Especially mashed, but I’ll eat them
    anyway, I can. Must be the Irish in me.

  52. love mashed my fav and twicce baked delicious

  53. kevin crowther says:

    we will have garlic mashed from scratch,its my wifes fave to make. pretty thankful for all the things that have happened to us this year,some good and some not so good,lol,.have each other,have health,and have roof over head so all is pretty good.

  54. John says:

    I’m planning on garlic mashed potatOHs and I’m thankful to have a roof over my head!

  55. Angela Kelley says:

    Cheddar Cheese and Bacon Mashed Potatoes is a favorite in our house for Thanksgiving! 🙂

    • Angela Kelley says:

      Im also thankful for all my friends and family that make my life amazing!! 🙂

  56. Lean says:

    we can’t have Thanksgiving in my family w/o twice baked potatoes. First we bake them, cut them in 1/2 the long way, hallow out most of the center, mix the guts w/ bacon bits, cheese, butter, sour cream, chives, garlic, salt & pepper. Then we pile all the yummy smashed potato goodness back in the skins. Just before they are served we top them w/ more cheese & stick them under the broiler to get all bubbly & gooey. Sure this isn’t the most healthy recipe, but we only have it a few times a year so we think it balances out in the end : )

  57. Debby Etling says:

    we will be having wonderful tasting smashed potatoes, sweet potatoes fried in butter and lathered up with a brown sugar sauce. I am soooo thankful to have my family and to be able to have everyone in the same room at once. Thank you.

  58. cathlene dantuono says:

    I love a fully loaded baked potato with just the right softness to the potato in the middle.

  59. Ron Miller says:

    Mashed potatoes with oyster gravy. Sweet potatoes with brown sugar and Danish unsalted butter.

  60. June Humphrey says:

    Mashed potatoes with butter, sour cream and chives.
    I am most thankful for my family!

  61. Nicole says:

    Thinking of potato and bacon casserole! Thankful for the Hawaiian warm aloha spirit we have here 🙂

  62. Joan Carver says:

    My family will be having potato soup sprinkled with grated cheddar & mozzarella cheese.
    I am thankful for the blood of Jesus!

  63. Maria says:

    Potato salad will be on the menu this year. We make it with small red potatoes because of the creamy texture. We are thankful to be able to make plenty of food to share with as many people that we can.

  64. MARIE says:

    Nothing beats homemade mashed potatoes and serving them to my grandchildren who I am so THANKFUL for is my ideal Thanksgiving.

  65. Jessica R says:

    For Thanksgiving this year we are having potato salad and mashed potatos with gravy. I am thankful that I have my family here with me to share this holiday. It has been a very eventful year for all of us and I am just glad we get to be together.

  66. velder tweedy dixon says:

    mashed potatoes on the meal with gravy-i am thankful for my family

  67. Rosalie says:

    Potat-..Uh, Idahoan, dyed in the wool! I’ve planted, hoed, dug ’em. To me, taters are as pie to Americans, so, potato-pie suits me! Inspired by the other commentators here, this year I’ll be making a mashed potato chocolate cake. If you haven’t tried it, you don’t know what you’re missing!

  68. Janice C says:

    We will have Potato Salad, & Mashed Potatoes for the grandchildren who firmly believe potatoes are fine without the additional ingredients which are in Potato Salad.
    I am thankful for my Family and Friends and every blessing God has bestowed on me.

  69. Diana Beatty says:

    Love potatoes especially when you bake them in the oven then put cheese on top or broccolli yum. I am so thankful for my family they provide for me in every way and they are the ones that care deeply for me. Oh and I am thankful for the food that I get very day especially when there are those who have hardly anything or very little to eat.

  70. Charlie Magocs says:

    Mashed potatoes and candied yams !

  71. Terry Heebner says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to all…..I will be making glazed sweet potatoes and potato and bread filling. I am thankful that my health has improved since my heart attack in February…thanks to a healthy diet including Farm Fresh potatoes. Thanks for such an easy to use product.

  72. Isabel says:

    The list is so long to be thankful for, but This year some of my family members were able to find a Job.
    If a win those potatoes that would be a nice blessing to share.

  73. Carlo Marinuzzi says:

    There will definitely be SWEET POTATO WEDGES on my Thanksgiving table. I hand cut my own, and make them in a toaster oven. YUM. I am forever thankful for my family, and my new Angel. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone who replied to this site.

  74. Leisa Wooten says:

    Every year, I better have mashed potatoes on the table. Each year, I am so grateful to God and thankful for my loving husband and children. We have a small family but a LOT of love:)

  75. We love all potatoes! I’ll be serving a variety this year which will include garlic smashed, white and sweet scallopped. Mashed sweet and yam with butter, brown sugar and cream in them! And of course your classic original mashed! Love em!

  76. I will be serving a variety of potatoes this year. We love potatoes! It will include classic original mashed, both sweet and white scalloped potatoes. Garlic smashed potatoes with chives, and of course our sweet smashed potatoes made with cream, brown sugar and butter, topped with crushed pecans! Mmmmmmm!

  77. Potatoes! smashed, scalloped, classic and sweet! Mmmmm!

  78. michele newman says:

    Having mashed potatoes with cheddar cheese. So thankful for my friends and family.

  79. Sue Kick says:

    We will be having fresh sweet potatoes and I am thankful for my family and that my Mother made it safely through her surgery !!

  80. Jennifer D. says:

    1. mashed potatoes. 2. Thankful that my mom will be okay after a recent health scare.

  81. Sheryl Johnson says:

    My all time favorite is the basic Mashed potatoes with lots of melted butter! I could JUST eat Mashed taters and turkey every day for the rest of my life I think! I won’t be celebrating Thanksgiving this year since I am not with any family, but I am grateful I have my 4 Foster Dachshunds with me to love me and keep me company during this time when I could be so lonely. Maybe I will bake me a potato for my meal on Thanksgiving?!?!

  82. Karen O. says:

    We will be having mashed potatoes along with turkey and all the fixin’s. I am so thankful for my family, my church family, my health, my salvation and all that God has blessed me with — I have so much and don’t want to take it for granted.

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