Easy Microwave Potato Recipes for Kids: Back to School Snacks

Back to School Snacks

If your kids haven’t already, they’re probably headed back to school any minute now. So get ready to be even busier than you remembered!

But it’s not just you who’s in a big rush.

After school activities, sports and homework all take more time as kids progress into higher grade levels at school. Each new grade means more responsibility, more commitments and more riding on performance. Somewhere between school, sports, after school activities and oodles of homework, kids will need to stop and eat. Fast.

PotatOHs are the perfect snack for hungry kids

Kids (of all ages) need fast, healthy snacks that can fill them up, taste great and offer nutritional benefits, too.

Let’s talk PotatOHs:

  • They’re healthy and nutritious
  • Everyone — especially kids — love them
  • They’re fast, hot and satisfying
  • They’re easy to prepare
  • They’re safer for kids than using the stove
  • They’re versatile, so kids can enjoy them lots of ways

4 Kid-Friendly Microwave Potato Recipes

Here are four kid-friendly potato recipes that are easy to make, fun to eat, and make great after-school snacks. Depending on how old your children are, you may want to try these out with your kids first, or, you might just print the recipe and leave it on the kitchen counter under the package of PotatOHs with a little note: enjoy!

Quick & Healthy Microwave Baked PotatOHs

Baked PotatOHs can be topped with anything your child likes. Traditional toppings like bacon and sour cream or low-fat yogurt and chopped chives are obvious. But equally delicious are more creative solutions, like last night’s leftovers, a can of creamy soup or some of pizza sauce and a bit of grated cheese. This recipe offers 4 variations (classic baked potato with yogurt topping, broccoli and cheddar baked potatoes, baked pizza potatoes, and spinach Alfredo) Try them all and then make up some of your own.

Fingerling PotatOHs

Sometimes, the best snacks are the simple ones you can just eat with your hands. No spoon. No fork. No fuss! Fingerlings can be like that. We like to make a batch in the microwave, let them cool slightly and then eat them as is with a little salt and pepper on them. Sometimes, we dip them into ranch dressing; BBQ, Teriyaki and/or hoisin sauce. Ketchup and mustard are good, too. They’re great to snack on during homework and clean up is a snap.

Microwave Soup and Potatoes

Another good go-to, kid-friendly, afternoon snack or school night feast, Microwave Soup and PotatOHs are super easy to make. The potato helps make soup more filling while also adding an important nutritional boost. You can make this recipe with sweet potatoes, too. Add a salad or a side of steam in the bag green beans and you’ve got a complete dinner in under 20 minutes.

Microwave Au Gratin Potatoes

An all-time favorite in many families, this hearty casserole looks and tastes like a Sunday night special, but it’s ready in less than 20 minutes. So you’re good to go any night of the week. As perfect as these potatoes are beside a slice or two of pre-baked ham, they also go great with rotisserie chicken or polish sausage. Experiment with the cheese if you like — substitute pepper jack, cheddar or smoked Gouda for the Swiss. Yum!



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