Celebrate Potato Lovers Month in February with PotatOH! (Giveaway)

Potato Lovers 2013

February is one of our favorite times of the year, because for a whole month, we celebrate the vegetable that we most love to eat: potatoes! That’s right, it’s National Potato Lovers Month, and what better way to celebrate than spreading the love through PotatOHs?

Potatoes are very good to us, and there’s a whole lot to love. They:

  • Are low in calories, with only 110 in a medium-sized spud
  • Are fat, cholesterol and sodium-free, so they’re easy on your heart and on your weight
  • Are full of fiber, helping keep us fuller longer
  • Are gluten-free, providing healthy, natural and satisfying meals for people with gluten sensitivity
  • Are can be made almost any way you can imagine, and you can bake ’em, fry ’em, grill ’em, microwave ’em, smash ’em, steam ’em and…well, you get the point!

PotatOHs give you even more to love about potatoes! Here are some of the ways they make life a little easier and make eating healthy more convenient. They:

  • Save you time by fully cooking in just 4-7 minutes in the microwave
  • Are double-washed and sealed in our recyclable BPA-free SavorSeal™ wrap that keeps in the flavor and natural goodness of potatoes when cooking in the microwave
  • Steam as they cook in the microwave, two ways the U.S. Potato Board recommends cooking potatoes to preserve nutrients
  • Provide great taste and a perfect texture that you just can’t get using cloth bags or paper towels, or just microwaving a potato on a plate
  • Offer a variety of choices, whether you like good ol’ russets, sweet potatoes, red or gold potatoes, or fingerlings!
  • To learn more about why PotatOHs are an easy shortcut to a healthy potato meal, watch our video below

There are many reasons to love potatoes, and we want to hear yours! Celebrate Potato Lovers Month by telling us why YOU love potatoes.

6 lucky potato lovers will receive a FREE variety pack of Express Bake PotatOHs. That’s 3 russets, 3 sweet potatoes, and 1 tray pack each of Fingerling, Gold and Ruby Jubileez!

To enter, simply leave a comment on this post and include your email address so we can contact you. We love all of our fans, but we ship fresh potatoes and like to get them to your doorstep quick, so only potato lovers in the U.S. are eligible. Winners will be announced on Wednesday, February 13, so check our blog and Facebook page for updates.

Have a great weekend, and good luck!


48 responses on “Celebrate Potato Lovers Month in February with PotatOH! (Giveaway)

  1. Jerie Armentrout says:

    I love potatoes because they are the most versatile food item in my kitchen! I can make breakfast, lunch and dinner….even dessert from them! And they are inexpensive; I keep a 10# bag in my pantry. On the weekend when we grill, I bake an extra potato to put in the fridge for a fast meal during th week. My whole family loves potatoes!

  2. carol smith says:

    Love potatohs!!!

  3. Florence Chavez says:

    I love all types of potatoes! Why? Because I’m Irish! Seriously, they are so versatile..I mean you can make sweet potato lasagna, golds are so delicious for creamy mashed potatoes, fingerlings with Lipton onion soup mix is so tasty and those little potatoes are so good! Russets are versatile also…

    The options for potatoes are endless and I love potatoes!

  4. Jennifer says:

    Such a cool giveaway! I personally love how you can dress up potatoes in so many ways and flavors, and potaOHs seem to make them so easy to prepare!

  5. Cathy Lee says:

    PotatOHs are delicious and nutritious!

  6. michele newman says:

    I love these potatoes and love how easy they are to fix.

  7. ROBIN WOLFE says:

    I cannot live without potato’s! potato’s are our families favorite. I was saved with mashed potato as a new born baby. I was severely under weight. as a youngster I questioned my grandmother for a report for school. I asked her why she used mashed potato’s? her response, they would stick to my ribs! we enjoy them as Puffs, (used to be called tatar tots), mashed, mashed potato pancakes, boiled, baked, stuffed, French fries, etc. even when, I go to an elegant restaurant i finish my potato’s first! have you ever made a bowl of mashed potato’s and scooped out the center. then had your favorite chunky soup?

  8. Rosanna says:

    I Love Potatoes because u can fix them any way u want and they all taste good no matter how u fix them….

  9. sue good says:

    I love potatoes because they taste so good with salt pepper and butter.But they are not fattening so if someone wants to cut back on calories they are able to do so! I like them because they are filling so snacking later is not as desired.Potatoes rock!

  10. Rebeccca says:

    These are great potatoe’s I bought 2 this weekend.

  11. Christina O says:

    Besides potatoes being delicious, they are so versatile and that is why I love eating them.

  12. rachel says:

    I love being able to pop a potato in the oven and have a delicious lunch or dinner ready!

  13. Tahana Letica says:

    I love potatoes cause they go with any meal !!

  14. Joan Garrison says:

    I love potatoes because they are so versatile. You can cook them in so many ways and they all taste yummy.

  15. Star says:

    I love potatoes so much! I’d love to win this. Just today I made garlic mashed potatoes as a main dish with nothing else! Served with sour cream and sharp cheddar cheese on top. MMMMMMMMMMMMMM

  16. scott watts says:


  17. Annette Smith says:

    Potatoes are yummy and very versatile!

  18. Jinni Lorette says:

    Nothing is better then a baked potato. It can be simple with just butter, salt and pepper. Or you can dress it up a million different ways! When I lived in Dallas, there was a BBQ place that served a HUGE baked potato, covered with brisket, sour cream, butter and cheese. You could start eating it and lunch…and still be eating it for dinner, it was so big. I loved it!

  19. Daniel Jalensky says:

    I love loaded bake potatoes with sour cream , chives , bacon and cheddar cheese or mashed potatoes with a blend of kernnel corn

  20. Jeni says:

    I love potatoes because they are good with anything. I can make them for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack, etc… They are just delicious. Some of Americas favorite snack foods are made from potatoes- french fries, chips… They are just amazing.

  21. bernard landis says:

    I love potatoes because they seem to fill you up more than any thing!

  22. Connie Connick says:

    potatoes have been a favorite in my family….all 4 of my children were brought up on potatoes…when they were 2 months ago and nothing would satisfy them ( not even oatmeal) I would make up some mashed potatoes and feed it to them and they were satisfied….a little mashed potato before bed and they would sleep all night through….and to this day when asked what they want for a side dish it’s always potatoes !!!

  23. Connie Connick says:

    potatoes have been a favorite in my family….all 4 of my children were brought up on potatoes…when they were 2 months ago and nothing would satisfy them ( not even oatmeal) I would make up some mashed potatoes and feed it to them and they were satisfied….a little mashed potato before bed and they would sleep all night through….and to this day when asked what they want for a side dish it’s always potatoes !!!

  24. melinda moses says:

    I use the little potatoes to make to put with home grown green beans on the stove. I cook them together to enhance the green beans. They are awesome. The larger potatoes I use to make a loaded potato with it. I bake potatoes in the microwave for about 5-7 mins. When done I top off with sour cream, cheese, butter, bacon bits, garlic, and pepper and serve with macaroni and cheese. I call them the loaded baked potato the southern style. They are so filling but delicious.

  25. Valeri Gillenwater says:

    filling – low calorie good for you with nutrients

  26. Robin Pescador says:

    I love potatoes because they go with everything from breakfast thru dinner and in between snacks. I use them in my eggs, with lunches and dinners….LUV THEM no matter how they are made.

  27. Elaine Pardo says:

    I love potatoes because they really fill you up,they taste really good and they are very easy to prepare in the microwave ~

  28. BILL BUDKA says:

    I want a yummy POTATOH !!!!! NOWWWWWWWWWWW….. I’m hungry…gotta run !!

  29. Tonya Hand says:

    I grew up on potatoes, they are still my favorite today can make so many different ways.specially the red and yellow ones are my favorite, but love them all. I make all kinds of recipes with potatoes one healthy one is red potatoes,fresh garlic, Bell green peppers, bell red peppers, or any vegetable you love with or without tofu cut up onion olive oil dash pepper and salt bake until done or use Mrs.dash garlic seasoning.

  30. patty essex says:

    Potatoes… ummmm let me count the ways. lol mashed, stuffed, sweet, baked, even add horseradish for some zip, salsa, guac, sour cream, fried, cold. salad, red pot or white! scalloped, au gratin, garlic… boiled with a little parsley on top. sweet w/maple butter, skins.. the whole thing, any color, size there is always something you can do with a potato!!! NOT JUST A DULL SPUD!! coldnt have a holiday with out them either!!!!!

  31. Carolyn says:

    Ohhh, now I’m drooling, you’re making me hungry – I love potatoes, I’m sure you could guess why, but I also love that they make anything taste better; you can add much to them (though I prefer them just plain) but when you add a potato to other dishes, it makes the whole dish;-)

  32. Susan Henderson says:

    What can be said about the humble tuber? It can literally solve world hunger! Never mind how much I love potatoes, as a Vegan of course they are a staple. It’s the bigger picture everyone is missing! With so many varieties and the sturdy longevity of this vegetable, well, entire villages could be well fed if potatoes were introduced into their diet. Protein, fiber,vitamins,as far as I’m concerned it is one of natures perfect foods. And they are so tasty! Thank you for promoting them on FB I would love to have a years supply!

  33. laurie steiner says:

    I love potatoes and i REALLY love PotatOHs! They are vegetables that I know my grandkids will eat, are easy to fix and good for you 🙂

  34. justin wilcox says:

    I love potatos. Im a vegan. First of. All. I eat. Tons of potatos. so delicious so versatile. So many varieties of potatos.. I never get sick. Of eating them hashed. Baked. Bbqed. Mashed. Sometimes fried on occasion. I buy. About 25 pounds a month Just for my self.

  35. Ann Feliciano says:

    Potatoes have always been a staple in our home. From when I was a young child, my favorite meals always included potatoes cooked in a variety of ways…either baked, mashed, and home fries. There are so many ways to cook them and we love them because they always had that feeling of fullness touch. There are always potatoes in our home, ready to cook!

  36. Jamie says:

    I love potatoes because they taste good, easy enough to make, you can make them so many different ways and my 1year old lllllooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeesssssssssssssss them!!!!!

    • Jamie McClain says:

      oh and my name is Jamie McClain lol forgot to type in my last name when i made my comment

  37. Steller_mist says:

    I love potatoes because not only are they cheap and easy to make, but you can mix almost anything with them, cheese, butter, bacon, gravy. Not only that but you can fry them, bake them, microwave them, even cook them on the stove. In fact I have been told by some people I like them so much that maybe I’m addicted to them. Then again who knows, it’s just that it’s easy and it helps fill you up quick. I mean if I go out, first thing I usually make sure to get is mashed potatoes and gravy, if it’s no that it’s french fries depending on what I’m eating…either way they’re great and delicious!!! ^.^

  38. Jamie McClain says:

    I love potatoes because they taste good, easy to make, you can make them so many different ways, and my 1 year old llloooooovvvvvvvveeeeeesssssssssssssss potatoes along with my self my fiance and my almost 5 year old we eat ALOT of potatoes.

  39. priscilla says:

    just love potatoes because they are so good and so good for u…:)

  40. GREGOR SCHMIDT says:

    As a 73 year old widower the easiest and nutricious way for me to eat is the microwave & potatos.I eat potatos daily.They taste great and are good for you.

  41. Jacqueline Daigneault says:

    They are so good. you can eat them any time of day, you can use them for just about any food breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert and even candy

  42. Kathie Frailey says:

    My favorite comfort food!

  43. You stated all the reasons that potatoes are good and good for you, I can’t top that except to say my family loves all the ways I prepare them. From entree’s to side dishes. Gnocchi, breads, the recipes are endless. It is, however, great to have them cooked (safely using your product) and ready to incorporate in to the recipe.
    Being disabled and on a tight budget, I would love the opportunity to try out some new recipes using the sweet and fingerling potatoes. Your idea sounds great and I look forward to using your product. And thanks for making it BPA free and recyclable. Making our world a cleaner, safer place for our children means a lot to me.

  44. Tracy P says:

    We really love potatoes here at our house! You can fix them so many ways. When I ask the kids what we should have for dinner usually they will all ask for some kind of potatoes!

  45. Elizabeth Beckwith says:

    I love potatoes they are the best!!! I have loved poatoes fro years, i would eat potatoes for a snack as a kid. they are the best!!!! my son and daughter also love potatoes, there are so many ways to use them too.

  46. Danielle Ferguson says:

    I love PotatOH’s! My 9 year old loves sweet potatoes and we all just love Potatoes!

  47. There is nothing better than a baked potatOH!!~!!

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