Fall Potluck Dinner Potato Recipes

Fall Potluck Dinner
Last Saturday was the first day of fall, so it makes sense that summer picnics are giving way to fall potlucks. We already have few invitations up on the fridge. And on Sunday afternoon, we went to a farm up the road, dish in hand, for the first potluck of the season.

One of the best parts of a potluck is getting to try lots of different things. Our neighbors are very good cooks and in addition to the classic comfort casseroles, there are often many inspired dishes to try. But we’re not just about eating other people’s stuff. We also love it when our recipe goes over well. It’s rewarding to bring home an empty platter or be asked to share the recipe!

So what makes a good potluck recipe? We think, as a general rule of thumb, that a good potluck dish should:

  • Be fast and easy to make, maybe even ahead of time
  • Be simple to take in the car
  • Require little or no fuss for your host at the part

Whatever you bring, make sure you think about how you’re going to get it there before you start cooking. Do you know what dish you’re going to cook it in? Do you have everything you need to transport it safely (hot pads, dish towels, stuff like that)? Bring the utensils you’ll need as well as any condiments, sauces or toppings. And lastly, put your name on the dish and write out what it is, how to reheat it and how to serve it. That will help your host.

Because we still have zucchini coming out of our ears, this time we made mashed potato veggie strata, but below are our three go-to recipes that are always sure to be crowd-pleasers.

Beef and Potato Tamale Casserole

Beef & Potato Tamale Casserole (Thumb)
This is a fun Mexican-style recipe that’s easy to make and a proven crowd pleaser. We usually make two of this, but we don’t double the recipe: we just assemble it in two separate dishes. We assemble the dish right before the party and then pop one into the microwave when we get there. Sometimes, we use flavored corn chips instead of corn tortillas. And we always bring a few garnishes like hot sauce, guacamole, sour cream or plain yogurt, diced onion or green onion, salsa; basically, anything you’d add to a taco would be great! Yum.

Potatoes Florentine

This dish is really easy to make and looks beautiful when served. Like with the casserole, we prepare this dish in advance, pop the potatoes into a baking pan and cook them at the party. They only take 20 minutes in the oven, so we don’t feel like we’re hogging it. Don’t forget to bring a pretty serving platter. If there are a lot of other dishes at the party, you may want to cut these in half or in thirds so people can save room on their plate to try lots of other things.

Warm Honey Mustard Potato Salad with Green Beans

Warm Potato Salad (Thumb)
This is a fast and easy dish, but people usually appreciate the mouthwatering colors and unique flavors. Another thing we like about it is that you don’t have to serve it warm. We almost like it better at room temperature, which makes it a great choice for a potluck! Sometimes we add bacon crumbles or diced ham. Sometimes we add a bit of fresh tarragon. So don’t feel afraid to experiment a bit.


Enjoy Fall Colors In Your Food With Harvest Time Potato Recipes

After a hot, dry summer and a wonderful growing season, this week finds us about half way through the potato harvest. Fall is here!

While the first “official” day of fall is Saturday, September 22, the nighttime temps around here have been down in the low 40s.

We’re wearing sweaters and jackets at night.

The aspen trees are just starting to turn vibrant gold.

Our high school football team is three games in to the season and still undefeated. Go Pirates!

And our taste buds have turned to the flavors of fall. We’re eating crisp apples. We’re thinking about stews. We can smell the Hatch chiles roasting at the farmers market.

So how could you not be craving scalloped potatoes? Or potato soup?

Here are a handful of great fall potato recipes that celebrate the taste of the season. Stay tuned for more to come, as fall has just kicked off!

Lemon Oregano Roasted Potatoes

An easy way to get potatoes on the table with great fall flavors is to roast them. They don’t take a lot of prep time, and should cook in less than 40 minutes. You can season them with about anything—including plain salt and pepper. But this recipe calls for lemon and oregano. It’s so nice next to a roast chicken—very Greek inspired. But again, would go well with just about any protein.

Sometimes, we make these with tarragon. Sometimes we make them with herbs de Provence. Sometimes, we just use salt and pepper.

Scalloped Potatoes with Chicken and Gravy

When you talk about all-time favorite potato dishes around here, especially with the folks who grow our spuds, scalloped or au gratin potatoes are always mentioned with a happy smile. The cooler temperatures make it ok to turn the oven on again and the hard work of harvest has us ready for heartier meals. So we’re planning on making this dish this week, for sure.

Our recipe calls for fingerlings, but you could use the classic Yukon gold or any other waxy potato. A delicious surprise here is the inclusion of chicken. We often make this dish when we have a leftover roast. We serve it as a side, next to ham or more chicken, but the flavors could go with pork chops or beef, too.  We think it would make great leftovers, but we’ve never been lucky enough to find out!

Cheese and Trees Potato Soup

Another great sign of fall is the return of soup to the dinner table. This recipe is a cheesy, creamy dream come true for kids. And it’s great for a fast weeknight meal, because it can be ready in less than 30 minutes. If you have chicken stock, skip the bullion and water. If you have fresh broccoli, you can use that instead of frozen. If you have leftover broccoli (is it just us?) you could use that instead, too. Sprinkle with a pinch of smoked paprika for a stunning presentation. Also, if you happened to pick up any of those roasted Hatch chiles, like we did, you could cut some up and slip them in.

Do you have any favorite fall potato recipes? Let us know in the comments!

Healthy Microwave Potato Meals Under $10

PotatOH on Dollar Bills
We all know that fresh foods are almost always healthier than packaged, processed or “fast” ones. In addition to having more nutrients, they generally have less sodium, fat, sugar and preservatives.

But what keeps us from serving fresh foods more often (or all the time!) is the idea that it takes too much time to prepare them, or that fresh foods are too expensive.

Well, pound-for-pound, potatoes are one of the best nutritional values you can find in the produce aisle. And with the help of your microwave they can be ready in less than 7 minutes, too!

So here are three recipes designed to help you save money at the supermarket, save time in the kitchen, and still eat happy, healthy meals. Here goes:

Turkey Potato Dinner Wraps

Wraps are awesome. We’re seeing more and more of them, at breakfast, lunch and dinner, too. But read the label on your tortilla. The “authentic” ones are sometimes made with lard and although they are endlessly delicious, you might be surprised at the number of calories they can add.

This recipe pairs ground turkey, a lean, fast cooking protein, with potatoes and some simple seasonings for a fast, healthy feast. We like to serve it with crunchy vegetables like carrots or celery in lieu of a more elaborate salad.

Using PotatOHs in here will help preserve nutrients and add flavor, too. Cook your PotatOHs according to the directions on the package, then pick up the recipe from there.

Turkey Taco Baked PotatOH

Here’s a dish that’s so simple, you don’t even need a recipe. Pick up a package of taco seasoning (choose a low sodium version if you can) and prepare it according to the directions, using ground turkey, a great lean protein.

While you’re browning the turkey, pop a PotatOH into the microwave. Top your tater with the taco-seasoned turkey and you’ll be eating a Mexican style baked potato in no time. Salsa, non-fat Greek yogurt, chopped green onions, hot sauce and low-fat cheddar cheese aren’t strictly necessary, but they can add a feast-like feeling to the fiesta on your plate.

Why Potatoes Are Good For Kids

Kid Cooking Potatoes

Potatoes are full of stuff that’s good for kids. In fact, compared to rice and pasta, potatoes give you a bigger bang for your buck in terms of healthy nutrition:

  • Carbohydrates: A good thing that’s getting a bad rap lately, carbs fuel both brains and bodies and are the main source of energy for growth and sports.
  • B Vitamins: Helps your body put carbs to work, providing energy and staying healthy.
  • Vitamin C: Essential for healthy skin, bones and hair.
  • Fiber: Every body needs it. You know why.
  • Folate: Helps your body make red blood cells.

Potatoes are not fattening

  • Potatoes are naturally fat free; it’s what you put on top of them that may need to be enjoyed in moderation.
  • If you’re looking for lower-cal, lower-fat potatoes recipes, check our recipe section.

Potatoes are satiating

  • Kids get hungry fast, so they need quality foods that help them feel full longer and provide the energy they need to keep going. Potatoes can help!

Kids will eat them

  • Of course there are lots of healthy foods to choose from. But all the Brussels sprouts in the world won’t help, if they just get pushed around the plate. After all, it’s not really nutrition until your child chews and swallows it.

The Great Back-To-School Spud-Off

These next two weeks—from September 3 through the 16th— we’re celebrating back-to-school time with a Facebook contest that’s all about kids who love of potatoes. A great way to kick off the new school year, our contest highlights how potatoes give kids the healthy nutrition they need to do well in the classroom. Best of all, we’re giving you a chance to win fun Back-To-School prizes — all you have to do is share why your kids love potatoes so much!

Entering is Easy

Submit a fun photo of your kid eating spuds and tell us what he or she loves so much about munching on potatoes. Then, share your post with your friends and family, encourage them to vote for your submission and share it with others. The six entries with the most votes will win prizes — including a grand prize of a $1,000 Visa gift card for school supplies.

So what are you waiting for? Click below to go to the contest page and submit your photo now. Good luck — this will be fun!

Back-To-School Photo Contest