Sweet PotatOHs: A Quick and Healthy Dinner

Stuffed Sweet PotatOH

When we say “sweet potato,” if you think “thanksgiving” and “marshmallows” you’re not alone. But if you’re only eating them once a year, you’re really missing out! Naturally fat- and cholesterol-free, one large sweet potato boasts a host of benefits:

  • 4g protein
  • 6g fiber
  • A mega-dose of vitamin A
  • More than half your daily vitamin C
  • Plenty of potassium and vitamin B
  • Oodles of beta-carotene, an antioxidant
  • Only 180 calories

Ready in under 7 minutes, making an Express Bake Sweet PotatOH is one of the world’s fastest ways to enjoy this very nutritious vegetable, so go for it! You can buy some the next time you’re shopping for groceries.

If you have a great recipe for PotatOHs you’d like to share, let us know!

Lunchtime? PotatOH Time!

The biggest problem with lunchtime is that it happens right in the middle of the day. When we’re usually pretty busy, and hungry. Right?! That’s why we want something fast, fuss-free, and filling enough to keep us out of the candy bowl. Well, PotatOHs are the perfect answer. They’re:


1) Fast and Easy

All you need is a microwave and in less than 7 minutes you’re tucking in to wholesome, healthy, hot lunch. Just pack some of this-and-that from your fridge (think broccoli, cheddar cheese, peppers, salsa, sour cream or non-fat yogurt, butter, asparagus, lemon, steak sauce, ham or turkey or anything else that sounds tempting). Top your cooked PotatOH treasure with whatever you’ve got and you’re good to go. 


2) Convenient and Cost-Effective

You can take a PotatOH anywhere. It doesn’t cost very much. It won’t spill. And it won’t spoil in a single day, either. So it’s not surprising we know some penny-smart people who stash PotatOHs at work, then pair them up or top them off with less expensive stuff from the to-go menu, like chili or clam chowder, a side salad or a baked chicken breast. The PotatOH helps fill you up healthfully and save some cash, too.


3) Healthy

Don’t forget, potatoes are always naturally cholesterol, fat, gluten and sodium-free. Whew! Also, with just 110 calories, they have 45% of your Daily Value of vitamin C, and lots of potassium and fiber. Just pay attention to what you pile on top!


Lunch Recipes

Try these recipes the next time you want a quick, easy and healthy lunch. All you need is a PotatOH, and a few simple ingredients. Enjoy!

Cheesy Broccoli Baked Potatoes

Cheesy Corn Potatoes

Microwave Soup and Potatoes

Quick & Healthy Microwave Baked Potatoes

Potatoes Topped With Creamed Chicken


PotatOHs: The Easy Shortcut to Your Favorite Breakfast Potato Recipes

Breakfast Potato

Even though breakfast is the most important meal of the day, you shouldn’t have to wake up in the middle of the night to cook a great one. That’s where Express Bake PotatOHs can help.

PotatOHs are potatoes that take just 7 minutes to cook in the microwave, making it possible to hit snooze a few times and still enjoy a delicious, healthy, satisfying and hot breakfast. Here’s the thinking:

Whether you’re making omelettes, frittata, home fries, or some kind of delicious quiche, most breakfast recipes that include potatoes (yum!) ask you to boil or pan-fry them first. But, for a simple time-saver, you can substitute a fully cooked PotatOH instead. Brilliant, right?

To help you think outside the cereal box and look beyond the toasted bagel—but still be on time for work—we’re sharing two ways that work well with PotatOHs.


Fast, Fancy Breakfast

Ever have a baked (also called a shirred) egg? It’s a super elegant brunch idea and you can add anything to it. What’s more, instead of cooking the eggs in a dish, you can cook them in a precooked PotatOH bowl. Kind of like a bread bowl, but way better. Here’s a quick recipe:

1) Preheat oven to 350˚.

2) Cook your PotatOHs in the microwave, according to directions.

3) When your spuds are cool enough to handle, put them in a baking dish, then cut away the top and spoon out a bit of the middle to make a little bowl to hold your egg.

4) Add a dab of butter, a raw egg (careful not to break the yolk) and a tablespoon of milk (or even cream). You can also add anything else you want that is pre-cooked, a good seasoning or just needs to melt. For example, cheese, smoked paprika, a bit of bacon, sautéed mushrooms. Top it all off with a dash of salt and pepper and pop the dish into the oven.

5) Cook for about 20 minutes, or until your egg looks done: whites are completely set and the yolks are beginning to get thick but aren’t hard.



Faster but Still Fabulous Breakfast

You know, you can always precook a PotatOH the night before to use in your breakfast the next day. Just cook your PotatOH according to the directions on the package. Once they’re cool enough to handle, you can cut them up or just pop ‘em into the fridge whole. Then, add them to the pan when you’re cooking your omelette or breakfast burrito.

Dig in!


There are probably a zillion more ways to use PotatOHs to make an amazing and fast breakfast. If you have an idea you’d like to share, post it in the comments — we’d love to try it!

Patriotic Potato Salad Recipes for 4th of July

Red White Blue Potato Salad

We’ve got purple mountains majesty, fruited plains, shining seas and much, much more. So it makes sense that we like to celebrate America’s birthday outside. In fact, the 4th of July is probably one of the biggest alfresco dining days of the year. And definitely one of our favorites!

Whether your plans include packing a picnic basket or hosting a happening BBQ, make sure to put potatoes on the menu. They’re great served hot, cold or room temperature, which makes them perfect for summer. They go well with other foods, so you won’t have to fuss too much with your menu. And, last but not least, everyone loves them.

This year, we want you to reach beyond your grandma’s potato salad. Or, maybe, just make room on your plate beside it. So here are four 4th of July favorites that have become summer traditions for our families. Enjoy!


Red, White and Blue Potato Salad

It might not be a summer party without potato salad, and it’s not a 4th of July celebration without the red, white and blue. That’s why we’ve picked out this colorful and tasty recipe that features three types of potatoes. The delicious flavors of garlic, onions, bell peppers and ham make it exciting, and a touch of walnut oil and your choice of sherry or white balsamic vinegar round it out to perfection. We promise you’ve never had a potato salad quite like this, and each bite will feel like a celebration of flavor in your mouth!


Quick & Healthy Potato Salad

Here’s a modern, mayo-removing remake on the classic potato salad. With the help of a little non-fat yogurt, you get all the great flavor, but a lot less guilt. What’s more, we leave the skins on, which adds a nice subtle earthy flavor, boosts the nutritional value and provides a more sophisticated texture. We also let you cook your potatoes in the microwave, perfect for when it’s hot and/or when you’re in a rush. Which, in this day and age and the current heat index, may be always.


Red, White and Blue Potatoes

This vegan recipe is picnic-perfect, because it’s a German-style potato salad. That means it gets its great flavor from herbs and vinegar instead of mayo, make it easier to bring along and safe to make ahead, even on the hottest days. Two things to note about this recipe: (1) you’ll want to bake or microwave the potatoes instead of boiling them, which will help them retain their color. And (2) even if you cook the potatoes ahead of time, you’ll want to “dress” them with the vinegar while their warm, so they absorb more flavor.


Quick and Healthy Microwave Baked Potato Salad

Every potluck party has at least one “classic” potato salad, so it can be hard to create a standout dish. Until now. This modern potato salad remake takes its flavor cues from baked potatoes, so it’s a very original dish for a potluck party. What’s more, it doesn’t take long to make, you can serve it hot or cold, and it goes well with anything and everything else. Just beware: at our parties, it also goes fast.