Winners of the November Thanksgiving Giveaway

Thanksgiving Giveaway Winners

On Wednesday we asked you to share a potato dish you plan to serve at Thanksgiving, and to tell us something you are thankful for this year. Want to know what we’re thankful for? That over 85 of you shared your potato dishes and shared many wonderful reasons for which you are giving thanks!

We truly appreciate that you took time to comment and share your love of potatoes and heartwarming stories with us. We’re lucky to have such amazing and thoughtful fans!

Now the time has come to announce the winners! We picked 6 entries, and if you see your name and comment below, you’ve won!


Bella: We roast our white and sweet potatoes in the pan with the turkey! Delicious! I am so grateful for my family because it has been a very difficult few years! And very thankful for Lily, who just turned a year old!

Stephanie Mccrary: We will have glazed sweet potatoes, sweet potato pie, and the most popular dish, mashed potatoes from scratch. I am just so thankful to live in a country, where I can freely celebrate and give thanks. Thanks to our troops!

Joanne Snyder: We will be having both mashed potatoes and candied sweet potatoes! 
I am thankful for my health, my husband Wes and our wonderful children their families, and for our friends. I am also thankful for our military serving overseas. We have a grand daughter and nephew in the US Air Force, 4 grandsons in the Army, and a son-in-law and another grand daughter in The National Guard. 
We are a truly blessed family!

Amy Bledsoe: Potatoes Romanoff will be on our table this year. I love this dish as it can be eaten hot or cold. I am thankful for my son and my mom. Without them I have no clue where I would be in my life. They have been my rock during multiple health problems and surgeries.

Donna: Our potato dishes for Thanksgiving will be mashed potatoes and candied yams (I live in the deep south where sweet potatoes are fresh and plentiful right now). These side dishes really add so much to the entire Thanksgiving meal! I am very thankful for my family, they mean so much to me! I am also thankful for a very inactive 2012 hurricane season. Seven years ago our home was flooded by Hurricane Rita and then five years ago we flooded again for Hurricane Ike. So, uneventful hurricane seasons on the Louisiana gulf coast make me very, very happy! Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!

L. Friedman: We will have a sweet “PotatOH” with just some black pepper and a little buter or olive oil. We are grateful for this wonderful year, which included the 1st granddaughter’s arrival.


Winners will be receiving a variety pack of Express Bake PotatOHs shipped right to their doorstep. Check your inbox — we’ll be contacting you to arrange shipping faster than it takes for a PotatOH to cook in the microwave!

Congratulations to the winners, thanks to everyone who participated, and keep an eye out for our next giveaway – you could win some of our delicious microwave potatoes! Have a very happy Thanksgiving!

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