Potatoes and Pumpkins

Potatoes and Pumpkins

Suddenly, it’s that time again. Almost every house on our road has pumpkins out on display. On Sunday, we drove by a local farm where you can pick your own pumpkins, wander through a cornfield maze, take a hayride and enjoy a cup of hot apple cider. It was full of families in the fall spirit. Without a doubt, it’s high pumpkin season, which made us happy, and of course, hungry.

Not just another festive fall decoration, pumpkins make amazing eating. We like pumpkins as luscious creamy soups, incredible savory and sweet breads and, of course, holiday pies. Just like we like potatoes.

So it goes without saying that we like to pair potatoes, sweet potatoes and pumpkin in all kinds of recipes. Whether you’re going to improvise a bit with a potato recipe or look for something created specifically to bring together these complimentary flavors, we’re sure you’ll enjoy whatever your making. So go for it.

Super-Easy to Improvise: Quick and Healthy Potato and Pumpkin Soup 

This recipe for potato soup can easily be changed up by swapping out some of the potato for sweet potato and pumpkin. Because the vegetables cook in the stock, it’s fast and easy. You can play with the ratio of sweet potato and pumpkin. We have also served the corn variation here made with sweet potato with great success. You can try seasoning this with sage and rosemary, too, rather than thyme or Italian seasoning. Or, for a more developed flavor, you can roast the vegetables in the oven first, then add them to the broth. Yum.

Easy to Improvise: Mashed potatoes, with Pumpkin and Sweet Potato

We like to mix things up a bit. So a few years ago we began occasionally adding a sweet potato or two to our traditional mashed potatoes. Adding sweet potatoes broadens the nutritional value, and changes the flavor and texture in exciting ways.

Now that it’s fall, we also like to add a bit of pumpkin to the mix. It’s easy and really tasty. We either have pumpkin puree on hand because we made if for pie or soup, or we just roast the pumpkin and mash it with the potatoes.

If you need a recipe, you can follow almost any one for mashed potatoes. Even this recipe for healthy, quick mashed potatoes using PotatOHs works well, too.

Just substitute one sweet potato and one cup of pumpkin puree (or roasted pumpkin) for two of the regular potatoes. Cook the sweet potato exactly like your potatoes. Use canned pumpkin puree, make your own, or cut a pumpkin into about 8 pieces and roast skin side up for about 40 minutes at 400 degrees with a little water in the bottom of the roasting pan. Peel the pumpkin, than dice up a cup to add to your mashers. Yum!

Roasted Sweet Potato and Pumpkin Hash

We haven’t tried this recipe yet, but it’s on deck for the weekend. We’re thinking as a brunch dish, with a poached egg on top and a fresh green salad. We love the idea of sage, sweet potato, pumpkin and pancetta. What’s not to love? If you try it first, let us know how it goes.