September is National Potato Month: Don’t hold back, go for the GOLD!

Potato Variety - Small

Our favorite holiday is coming up and we intend to celebrate all 30 days! September is National Potato Month, when Americans from coast to coast will devote a little extra time to tucking in to their favorite vegetable, the splendid spud.

A proud potato nation

Americans already grow a lot of potatoes (17.7 million tonnes!) and eat a lot of potatoes, too (nearly 126 lbs per person per year). So we’re certainly no slouches when it comes to getting a happy, healthy potato on our plates.

But, we thought you should know other nations are bit ahead. In Belarus, those blissful Belarusians eat an annually astounding 745 lbs of potatoes per person. And in China, they grew 72 million tonnes in 2007 alone.

After seeing Americans do so well at the London Olympics, we’re feeling inspired too, but for eating potatoes! We say, let’s go for the Gold! We know that if we work together, we can top the charts in potato passion. Starting now, with the great potato recipes. Grab a fork and let’s go!


Hooray for Home Fries

We change the recipe every time we make these. You can use a dash of salt, a sprinkle of pepper and whatever fresh or dried herbs you have on hand, to taste. Onion, garlic and shallots each make a great flavor contribution, too. If you’ve got more of the bare cabinet/empty spice rack thing going, you can add mustard, ketchup, hot sauce or all three once you taters hit the plate. Here’s how to do it: all it takes is three potatoes, cubed, rinsed and dried off (eat the peel, it’s good for you!). Pop 3 tablespoons of butter or oil into a pan and cook for 20 minutes: 10 with the lid off and 10 minutes with the lid off. If you’re adding onion or garlic, do it right at the start. Enjoy!


Potato Salad Cha Cha Cha

Much more than a fun name and destined to be a new family favorite, this recipe meets the Centers for Disease Control and Preventions strict nutrition guidelines for a healthy recipe. Taking its flavor grooves from south of the boarder, the zesty side dish artfully partners the delicious flavors of lime juice, jalapeño and chili powder with glorious potatoes, corn and black beans. We get hungry just thinking about it.

Snack time

Baked Potato Nachos

One bite of these spud-infused nachos and you’ll forget tortilla chips ever existed. With black beans, green chiles tomatoes, olives, onions and shredded cheese, these colorful and delicious potato nachos pack a lot of flavor without the extra calories.


Chicken and Potato Pot Pie

Here’s a recipe to reach for when your family has a hearty appetite but you’re running short on time. A favorite with kids and grownups alike, this classic comfort food gets a microwave makeover: it’s ready in about 20 minutes but will still leave a table of satisfied fans saying, “encore!”