Play With Your Food: How To Make Holiday Potato Stamps

Holiday Potato Stamps

We’re getting ready to have a house full of kids. While that’s always fun, we like to tip the tables in our favor and have some crafts on hand keep them entertained. So we set up a craft table and let the kids come and go from the project throughout the day. If you follow suit, be prepared with enough supplies so a handful of adults can join in, too. They always want to at our house!

So what’s the best craft?

Potato stamps, of course!

They’re super-easy, flexible, inexpensive and best of all, fun to use!

First, you can “carve” your potato stamps into any shape or theme you want. Because it’s Christmas, you can make gingerbread men, Christmas trees, stars, angels, snowmen, basically any shape we’d use to make a cookie. In fact, you can use your cookie cutters to make the outline for your stamps.

Second, potato stamps flexible because you can stamp anything you want. We’ve had kids make a set of thank-you cards to use after the holidays. We’ve also done t-shirts, napkins, aprons, dishtowels, a calendar and, one Thanksgiving, our holiday cards.

Of course, you don’t need to be a kid to love this, and you don’t have to be at a party to give it a try.

This is a great activity to try at home over winter break, and we promise you’ll have lots of fun. Enjoy!

Supplies List:

  • Potatoes (russets, red or whites)
  • Knife
  • Paring Knife
  • Vegetable peeler
  • Cookie cutters or a pencil
  • Paint (craft or poster paint for paper, fabric paint for fabric)
  • Paintbrushes (optional)
  • Paper plates or shallow dish (one per color)
  • Card stock, paper, or prewashed items (t-shirts, aprons, etc)

How To:

  • 1. Cut your potatoes in half; shave the cut surface of the potato flat with the peeler.
  • 2. Use a cookie cutter to press the outline of your shape onto the flat surface, or, if using a pencil, draw the outline of your shape pressing hard into the flesh of the potato.
  • 3. Use your paring knife to cut around the shape.
  • 4. Pour paint into dishes.
  • 5. You can either dip your potato into the paint or use a brush to paint the raised shape.
  • 6. Stamp away!
  • 7. You can also use a paintbrush to add details—decorate your tree, give your snowman some eyes and buttons, paint Santa’s beard, etc.
  • 8. If you’re using fabric paint, follow the directions on the container. You probably want a coat hanger to let your item dry, then you’ll probably have to iron it, too.

Check out our photos below to see an example!

No matter what your plans are, we wish you and your family a very happy holiday season. Enjoy!

Play With Your Food: Fun Holiday Potato Recipes for Kids

Winter break is just a few days away. Woot woot!

Funny how winter days are only shorter when the kids are at school. Seems like when you’re at home with them for two weeks straight, well, those days can get kind of long. Especially when kids don’t have enough to do!

You’re in luck, because we have the perfect solution.

In addition to planning ahead and looking into what sledding hills, scavenger hunts, crafts, games and other activities we don’t want to miss, we also look for ways to make the day-to-day stuff fun, too. Like eating potatoes!

Below are three recipes we love for the playfulness they bring to the table around the holiday season. Whether you surprise your kids when you serve their bowls or let them help out with the prep work, these recipes are sure to fill their tummies with holiday cheer.

Melted Snowman Soup

Melted Snowman Soup

This recipe offers unique flavors, as it calls for vermouth and a whole (!) head of garlic. We think it sounds delicious, but if you’ve got a house full of picky eaters don’t be afraid to go for a simpler potato soup recipe.
The main point is the garnish and the possibilities are endless. Mushroom buttons. Red pepper frowns. Bacon buttons. Yum!

Image Source: Cadry’s Kitchen

Potato Trees

This presentation manages to be both fun AND elegant. We would be as proud to serve these at a party as we are to our kids. If you’re not afraid of a little food coloring, you could add a few drops of green. You can also garnish your trees with little bits of finely diced pepper—green, yellow and/or red—sprinkled on to look like ornaments. Cute, right?

Image Source: The Kitchn

Snowman Stew

Snowman Party Stew

Soup always tastes great on a cold winter night. So we love this idea we found from Taste of Homes. Again, the recipe isn’t the most important thing, it’s the idea we love. Because this would be fantastic over your family’s favorite beef or vegetable stew. Anything thick enough to hold up to potatoes on top would do the trick. You can let the kids make the snowmen, or, just watch their surprise when you serve this. Enjoy!

Image Source: Taste of Home

Hope you have a very happy time at home with your family. Coming soon: more ideas that use potatoes to keep kids happy and busy over the break!

Have favorite crafty/fun/awesome-for-kids recipes of your own? Share them in the comments below!

Why Potatoes Are Good For Kids

Kid Cooking Potatoes

Potatoes are full of stuff that’s good for kids. In fact, compared to rice and pasta, potatoes give you a bigger bang for your buck in terms of healthy nutrition:

  • Carbohydrates: A good thing that’s getting a bad rap lately, carbs fuel both brains and bodies and are the main source of energy for growth and sports.
  • B Vitamins: Helps your body put carbs to work, providing energy and staying healthy.
  • Vitamin C: Essential for healthy skin, bones and hair.
  • Fiber: Every body needs it. You know why.
  • Folate: Helps your body make red blood cells.

Potatoes are not fattening

  • Potatoes are naturally fat free; it’s what you put on top of them that may need to be enjoyed in moderation.
  • If you’re looking for lower-cal, lower-fat potatoes recipes, check our recipe section.

Potatoes are satiating

  • Kids get hungry fast, so they need quality foods that help them feel full longer and provide the energy they need to keep going. Potatoes can help!

Kids will eat them

  • Of course there are lots of healthy foods to choose from. But all the Brussels sprouts in the world won’t help, if they just get pushed around the plate. After all, it’s not really nutrition until your child chews and swallows it.

The Great Back-To-School Spud-Off

These next two weeks—from September 3 through the 16th— we’re celebrating back-to-school time with a Facebook contest that’s all about kids who love of potatoes. A great way to kick off the new school year, our contest highlights how potatoes give kids the healthy nutrition they need to do well in the classroom. Best of all, we’re giving you a chance to win fun Back-To-School prizes — all you have to do is share why your kids love potatoes so much!

Entering is Easy

Submit a fun photo of your kid eating spuds and tell us what he or she loves so much about munching on potatoes. Then, share your post with your friends and family, encourage them to vote for your submission and share it with others. The six entries with the most votes will win prizes — including a grand prize of a $1,000 Visa gift card for school supplies.

So what are you waiting for? Click below to go to the contest page and submit your photo now. Good luck — this will be fun!

Back-To-School Photo Contest


Easy Microwave Potato Recipes for Kids: Back to School Snacks

Back to School Snacks

If your kids haven’t already, they’re probably headed back to school any minute now. So get ready to be even busier than you remembered!

But it’s not just you who’s in a big rush.

After school activities, sports and homework all take more time as kids progress into higher grade levels at school. Each new grade means more responsibility, more commitments and more riding on performance. Somewhere between school, sports, after school activities and oodles of homework, kids will need to stop and eat. Fast.

PotatOHs are the perfect snack for hungry kids

Kids (of all ages) need fast, healthy snacks that can fill them up, taste great and offer nutritional benefits, too.

Let’s talk PotatOHs:

  • They’re healthy and nutritious
  • Everyone — especially kids — love them
  • They’re fast, hot and satisfying
  • They’re easy to prepare
  • They’re safer for kids than using the stove
  • They’re versatile, so kids can enjoy them lots of ways

4 Kid-Friendly Microwave Potato Recipes

Here are four kid-friendly potato recipes that are easy to make, fun to eat, and make great after-school snacks. Depending on how old your children are, you may want to try these out with your kids first, or, you might just print the recipe and leave it on the kitchen counter under the package of PotatOHs with a little note: enjoy!

Quick & Healthy Microwave Baked PotatOHs

Baked PotatOHs can be topped with anything your child likes. Traditional toppings like bacon and sour cream or low-fat yogurt and chopped chives are obvious. But equally delicious are more creative solutions, like last night’s leftovers, a can of creamy soup or some of pizza sauce and a bit of grated cheese. This recipe offers 4 variations (classic baked potato with yogurt topping, broccoli and cheddar baked potatoes, baked pizza potatoes, and spinach Alfredo) Try them all and then make up some of your own.

Fingerling PotatOHs

Sometimes, the best snacks are the simple ones you can just eat with your hands. No spoon. No fork. No fuss! Fingerlings can be like that. We like to make a batch in the microwave, let them cool slightly and then eat them as is with a little salt and pepper on them. Sometimes, we dip them into ranch dressing; BBQ, Teriyaki and/or hoisin sauce. Ketchup and mustard are good, too. They’re great to snack on during homework and clean up is a snap.

Microwave Soup and Potatoes

Another good go-to, kid-friendly, afternoon snack or school night feast, Microwave Soup and PotatOHs are super easy to make. The potato helps make soup more filling while also adding an important nutritional boost. You can make this recipe with sweet potatoes, too. Add a salad or a side of steam in the bag green beans and you’ve got a complete dinner in under 20 minutes.

Microwave Au Gratin Potatoes

An all-time favorite in many families, this hearty casserole looks and tastes like a Sunday night special, but it’s ready in less than 20 minutes. So you’re good to go any night of the week. As perfect as these potatoes are beside a slice or two of pre-baked ham, they also go great with rotisserie chicken or polish sausage. Experiment with the cheese if you like — substitute pepper jack, cheddar or smoked Gouda for the Swiss. Yum!