Arts and Crafts: Holiday Potato Stamps

Potato Stamp Present

While you’re cooking up holiday supper, do the kids get a little bit bored? Toss them a couple of potatoes, and keep them entertained with one of these arts and crafts projects!

Potato stamps are a lot of fun for kids, and they can be educational, too. Until your little ones are old enough to wield a knife unattended, you’ll want to supervise the carving part of these projects (or just carve the stamps while they watch). To keep them engaged, talk to them about what shapes you might carve, so they still feel like they’re part of this portion of the arts and crafts.

We’ve found a few fun ways that your kids can use homemade potato stamps in arts and crafts projects, and we’ve got a full tutorial for you, too!

Arts and Crafts: Get Creative with Your Potatoes!

Potato Stamp Cards

1. Cards

Once your stamps are carved, put your kiddos to work stamping holiday cards. Your friends and family will love receiving holiday greetings on these one-of-a-kind creations! Image Credit: The Joy of my Life.

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Potato Stamp Art

2. Potato Art

Let your kids make gifts for the people on their lists. You help them carve the stamp, provide a large piece of paper as their canvas, and let them create personal art pieces! Image Credit: Creative Jewish Mom.

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Potato Printed Pillow Cover

3. Potato Fabric

If you sew, you can let your kids make custom fabric with potato stamps, then turn it into pretty throw pillows for holiday gifts. This arts and crafts project calls for fabric paint, so make sure your children are wearing something that you don’t mind getting stained. Image Credit: Crafting a Green World.

>>Get the tutorial.

Potato Stamp Present

4. Potato Stamp Gift Wrap

Instead of buying pre-printed gift wrap, purchase a roll of kraft paper or a book of construction paper at the craft supply store, and let your kids stamp it with potatoes.


  • potato
  • paring knife
  • rag
  • old cardboard box, cut open and flattened
  • tempera paint
  • roll of kraft paper or book of construction paper (kraft paper is best for bigger gifts)


Carved Potato< 1. Carve your potato stamp. You can try drawing your design on your potato, then carving, but most markers won’t write well on that wet spud. You’re best off sticking to a simple, geometric shape, like the plus sign that we used. Before you dip your potato into the paint for the first time, use your rag to dry it off as much as possible. The more excess water you get off of your stamp, the better it will pick up the paint.

Potato Stamp Dip

2. Pour the paint onto your cardboard, and dip the stamp into the paint. Show your kids how to blot the stamp. Too much paint won’t give you a good, clear imprint. Let them do some test stamps on scrap cardboard from the box to get a feel for how to stamp.

Potato Stamp Paper

3. To stamp with your potato, the best method we found is to place the potato onto the paper, gently press straight down, then carefully remove the stamp. It’s OK if your kids’ designs aren’t perfect. A smudge here and incomplete shape there are part of the charm!

Potato Stamp Gift Wrap

4. Let them go to town! The paper in the example has a repeating pattern, and theirs can be as organized or as random as they want. What’s important is that they have a lot of fun!