When you don’t have all day, grab an Express Bake PotatOH!

If you’ve got a minute, keep reading. If you’re really in a rush, just click here.

With that out of the way, let’s get started. One thing we hear from a lot of new cooks—and some seasoned veterans, too—is that potatoes take a long time to prepare. But in fact, there’s almost no potato dish you can’t do faster using our Express Bake PotatOHs and your trusty friend, the microwave.

What’s a PotatOH? Well, they’re fresh potatoes. But what makes them extra special is the wrapper. We call it SavorSeal™: a genius, BPA-free wrap certified safe by the FDA designed to protect foods and preserve their fresh flavor in the microwave. PotatOHs come in three kinds of pre-washed, ready-to-cook goodness: russet, fingerling and sweet, and depending on how many servings you need, you could be eating one in just under seven minutes.

So now you have the perfect answer to a healthy weeknight side, a satisfying-but-speedy office lunch or a wholesome, hearty anytime snack. Packed with a heaping helping of endless possibility, PotatOH can be topped with anything your heart desires. We’re partial to plain, non-fat yogurt, but one guy here goes for maple syrup. Or, you can use them as a shortcut in your favorite recipes, too. To get your hands on some now, click the link and order up some PotatOH perfection.