Exciting New Potatoes

At Farm Fresh Direct we are passionate about potatoes. This passion drives us to hunt all over the world for the most unique and tastiest potatoes in existence. Nothing excites us more than sharing with you the potato treasures we discover in our travels.

Taste mouthwatering potatoes from Scotland, France and the Netherlands, grown on our farms here in the USA. Liven up your already scrumptious recipes with these distinctive potato varieties.

  • Natural Blush

    Originally bred in Scotland, this unique potato has a white flesh, and a cream-colored skin with naturally pink blush eyes. While suitable for many recipes, Natural Blush makes a superior mashed potato due to its dry matter content and the pleasing appearance of its white flesh.

  • Crimson Sunset™

    A Dutch variety, Crimson Sunset™ has a unique oval shape. Its smooth red skin has very shallow eyes, and its flesh is a pale yellow. Its high dry matter content has a firm texture when cooked, which makes it a great potato for broiling, grilling, steaming or baking.

  • Golden Russet

    Golden Russet is a Dutch variety that has a russet shape, but a thin and light golden skin without the netting associated with most russet potatoes found in the U.S. Its high dry matter content provides a firm texture when cooked. An all purpose-potato, itʼs especially good when baked, because its thin skin provides a light, crispy texture.

  • Petite Merlot™

    Petite Merlot™ is a French variety with red skin and a pale yellow flesh. Itʼs similar in size to a fingerling, but with a more consistent oval shape. It has a firm texture with low to medium dry matter content, perfect in salads but also great roasted, boiled, steamed or broiled. Because of its smaller size, it cooks very fast.

  • Petite Chardonnay™

    A Dutch variety, Petite Chardonnay™ has a very appealing bright yellow skin, and a pale yellow flesh. This potato has a high dry matter content providing a firm texture when cooked. It can be prepared in many ways, including broiling, boiling, grilling, steaming or roasting, making it a highly versatile potato. Preparation time is quick because of its small size.