Our Crops

Where do potatoes come from?

Farm Fresh potatoes start out on breathtakingly beautiful farms where they’re carefully tended by hardworking farmers and dedicated crews. And though growing potatoes is seriously hard work, we love to do it. Our “office” has some of the best views anywhere, and knowing our potatoes feed so many people makes us feel great about what we do.

Running a healthy farm requires an understanding of agriculture, economics, meteorology, ecology, biology, entomology, engineering, politics, law and of course, it doesn’t hurt to know how to change the oil in your harvester, too.

  • Spring

    We plant seed potatoes first thing in the spring, when the frost has melted and the soil is still cool. When we plant depends on how long it takes for each variety to mature, but when the crops are thriving and the fields are in flower, it’s a truly beautiful sight to see, and we know we can look forward to another great year.

  • Summer

    The summer is all about carefully monitoring our crops. We make sure every field has a healthy amount of water. We pay attention to the nutrient balance in the fields, and we keep an eagle eye out for pests and diseases. Potatoes are some of the most vulnerable vegetables around, but we work overtime to keep them safe.

  • Autumn

    Harvest time is one of the busiest. We have a limited number of days to get our crop out of the fields and into storage. But you don’t want to harvest too early, either. Different farmers take different approaches and it’s always interesting to see who’s planting first, who’s harvesting last and who’s got the best stuff.

  • Winter

    Our slow season, the winter months are filled with planning for the spring, ordering new equipment, repairing the old stuff and buying seed. Potatoes grow from special potatoes called, “Certified Seed Potatoes.” We also take a break, spend some much-deserved time with our families, and maybe even get away for a little vacation.