Enter to Win a $100 Shoppers Card When You Shop for PotatOHs at Schnuck Market Stores

Jubileez Group

What’s more exciting than potatoes that are ready in just 7 minutes? Potatoes that cook in just 5 minutes or less, and our Express Bake PotatOH Jubileez&#0153 do just that!

Jubileez are convenient, fun-size potatoes that come in three varieties — fingerlings, ruby (red) and gold (yellow) — are a great source of vitamin C, and make a great any-time snack or easy shortcut to a favorite potato recipe.

Just like our full-size russet and sweet PotatOHs, Jubileez are double-washed and sealed in our special BPA-free SavorSealâ„¢ wrap that keeps in their flavor and natural goodness when cooking in the microwave.

Jubileez Campaign Sign

What’s even more exciting than potatoes that cook in just 5 minutes or less? FREE PotatOHs and groceries! To celebrate the launch of Jubileez in Schnuck Markets, we’re giving Schnucks customers in the St. Louis area a chance to win a $100 Shoppers Card!

Look for the above signs in the produce section of Schnucks stores in the St. Louis area and make sure to have your smartphone or tablet ready! To enter the contest, simply open your favorite QR code scanning app (such as QR Reader for iPhone or QRDroid for Android) and point your phone at the code on the right bottom corner of the sign. You’ll automatically be taken to the mobile site shown below.

From there, simply follow the instructions to enter the drawing. Four lucky winners will receive a $100 Schnucks shoppers card, and one winner will be selected each week through November 4. The next time you’re shopping don’t forget the PotatOHs, and make sure you scan! You could scan your way to being a lucky winner!


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